Choir coffee house turns courtyard into cafe

Coffee house, an event hosted by the choir booster club, will be catered by Saxbys Coffee and Ritas Shaved Ice.

Caroline Smith

Coffee house, an event hosted by the choir booster club, will be catered by Saxbys Coffee and Rita’s Shaved Ice.

Brooks Lescher, Staff Reporter

The courtyard will be transformed into a cafe as choir students perform live for their upcoming event “Coffee House.” The event will be held on Sept. 18 and will be from 6-8:30 p.m., where as well as live performances, there will be coffee and snacks.

Coffee house has been a choral tradition since the school opened in 2006. In previous years there has been a theme to Coffee House, such as last year’s Beatles theme, however this year it is open to any genre.

“We are performing multiple throwback hit songs and a couple present top chart songs from popular artists,” junior Reed Fraser said.

Coffee house is for all ages; freshman through seniors all have the opportunity to perform.

“To me, ‘Coffee House’ is a great time of the year for students and parents to bond over great music and have fun times,” Fraser said. “Coffee house is a time to strengthen relationships through singing and spread how awesome it is to be in A Cappella and Spotlight.”

Coffee House is primarily showcasing the Spotlight and A Cappella choral groups and students, however the event will also include some middle schoolers’ performances.

“A Cappella is singing a song with Limelight which is the middle school A Cappella group and we get to work with them on the song so it’s just fun to help and stuff,” senior Tucker DeVinney said.

Choir students have put in a lot of effort to prepare for this event. For seniors, it will be one of their final performances and has a lot of meaning to them.

“I am performing ‘Old Man’ by Neil Young, plus other songs with the A Cappella group,” senior Maddie Keosoff said “Performing is what I want to do, so I like taking every opportunity I can to play music.”