Changes to come for the second floor


Stu Mair

These teachers aren’t leaving, but walls in various classrooms throughout the second floor are becoming vacant in preparation for construction.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

Returning teachers located on the second floor put putting in a little extra work to prepare their rooms for the summer construction work that will be occurring shortly.

“The building is going to be under construction this summer, and in every classroom I believe they are going to be running wiring for data,” administrative assistant Lynda Fleming said. “There’s just going to be so much construction, and just because of all the construction and all the wire-running the rooms are going to be extremely dusty.”

While inconvenient, teachers understood why clearing away their items from their classrooms had to be done.

“Normally we don’t have to take all of the stuff off our cabinets, so it’s something new this year but we’ll do it,” English teacher Amy Olsen said. “I have heard that they’re going to be taking all of the ceiling tiles down and reworking the wires, I don’t know exactly what they’re doing, I’ve just heard that it’s going to be really dusty, and if we don’t want anything to break or get lost we probably should pack it away.”

Some teachers had already cleared away any personal items.

“I understand why they have to do it, it’s for safety and it’s so dust and stuff doesn’t get in our personal stuff, like ruin electronics and pictures and personal things,” AP US History teacher Brian Erskine said. “I’ve already moved my stuff out of the way.”

Most teachers did not seem to view the new procedure as a big deal.

“Last year I left all my stuff on the tops of the cabinets,” Olsen said. “I always pack away my desk and lock it and that type of stuff, but this will be new this year.”