Aid sent to Nepal

Riley Laurence , Staff Reporter

When the magnitude 7.8 Gorkha earthquake, struck the South-Central Asian country of Nepal on April 25, devastation and many aftershock earthquakes brought ruin to the nation. 8,182 miles away from the site of the destruction, rising senior Sonali Mehta decided to start a fundraiser to help in any way that she could.

“When the Haiti earthquake hit a couple of years ago, my dad actually went over there to help and do surgery, since he’s an orthopedic surgeon,” Mehta said. “When the Nepal earthquakes hit, I was just looking up pictures and stuff online and a lot of the stories that he had told me about what he went through started replaying in my mind, so I decided that I just wanted to do something to help.”

So Mehta sold more than 20 t-shirts with the words “Aid Nepal” displayed on them, and raised upwards of $200 for the cause.

“I started a fundraiser on where you would pay $20 and then they would send you a shirt that said “Aid Nepal” on it, and all of the proceeds would go to the Nepal Earthquake Relief fund of the American Red Cross,” Mehta said. “I started the fundraiser with my family, and it just evolved into a thing that people at school wanted to participate in as well.”

As soon as she started the project, Mehta began to get other students involved as well.

“I bought a shirt as soon as I heard from Sonali about the project,” class of 2015 graduate Haley Brown said. “I think it’s really great that people, students especially, have started a relief idea right here. It’s a great way to get information out while supporting relief efforts.”

Even Mehta’s teachers were appreciative of her devotion to aiding those in need.

“I think it’s an awesome thing to do,” AP U.S. History teacher Brian Erskine said. “It’s so cool that she decided to do something that nice for people that she’s never met.”