A grievous goodbye


Alexa Mapes

The Red Ledger’s 2014-2015 editorial staff in a cafe in Washington DC, along with Brian Higgins, who was not there physically at the time of the picture, so he has hence been photoshopped in.

News changes, the weather changes, bacon changes, the seasons change, and alas- now a major change is upon our very own Red Ledger. After announcing his resignation last month, our fearless, bacon-loving leader Brian Higgins is actually leaving us. Though the thought of Frisco makes us editors cringe, we know he will do a great job doing the things he does best; instilling an amazing journalistic platform, teaching kids, and most importantly; loving bacon.

We will miss our dear Higgs immensely, however his traditions will live on. The reign of Baconfest shall never end, and neither will the awards that the Red Ledger wins. The memories we have made will sit sunnily in our minds, as we reminisce on when he spilled an entire Route 44 Coke Zero (which he drinks every day), when he forced us to wear a bacon costume the first week of school, when we went and filled three shopping carts full of snacks and chairs at Walmart, when we went to DC and ate at the world famous Ben’s Chili Bowl, and finally; when he cried about Zayn leaving One Direction. All of the jokes, the memories, the good times will forever be ingrained in us just like the fat we have gained from the snack cabinet.

Below are some of these memories, captured digitally, because we are journalists, and that’s what we do. (When Higgins spilled his Coke Zero, we took a picture first, then helped him. Love only goes so far when news breaks.)

Brain (no typo) Higgins,
We all are so grateful for everything you’ve done for The Red Ledger. We have made so many memories and no matter what you say, The Red Ledger will forever be better than whatever site you go to. Thank you for everything.
-Julia, Jillian, Hallie, Caroline, and Michelle