Yearbooks distributed Tuesday


Benjamin Prengler

Yearbook students sort yearbooks into boxes for distribution on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

Riley Laurence , Staff Reporter

The 2014-2015 yearbook, Within, will be distributed on Tuesday during lunches. This year’s book, however, may look a little different to those who have purchased yearbooks in the past.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done a book that has our school colors as the theme in the nine years we’ve been here,” yearbook editor Natalie Scott said. “The cover is very simple, which is different than last year and the pages are a different texture than glossy, which is new as well.”

In order to sort out and distribute the 1100 books, yearbook students utilized some time that isn’t included in the school day.

“A bunch of the yearbook staff will be here around 7:30 in the morning trying to sort through the yearbooks,” staff member Abby Martin said.

This year’s book has earned the award for the National Yearbook Program of Excellence, the first time this award has been won by the yearbook staff in school history.

“The yearbook staff this year was the dream team,” yearbook adviser Jennifer Holcomb said. “The leadership was amazing and they really set the tone and the pace, which made my job a lot easier. I just wanted to encourage them to try their hardest to make the pictures even better and they accomplished every goal.”

The staff succeeded in meeting every single deadline, increasing sales by 15 percent, and having 85 percent clear and compelling coverage over the majority of the school, earning them their title.

“We are one of four area schools that won the award,” Holcomb said. “That’s thanks to the leadership, which is exciting for my first year at Lovejoy.”

Scott, one of the two editors of the yearbook, was pleased with the turnout.

“The staff did a really good job with coverage this year. The pictures are better quality, and there are a lot less grammatical errors,” Scott said. “Overall, I feel like the whole product is just better than years’ past.”