Language is elegant, fam


Hallie Fischer, Editor-In-Chief

Nothing is more special than the elegance of human life. Nothing has brought humans together more than the power of language. Language is the manipulation of speech to compose ideas and express them to others, and the evolution of language is extraordinary. Without the evolution of language, most of the words, phrases, and ideas of the current century would cease to exist, but nothing is more special than the word ‘fam’.

There are thousands of languages and billions of humans, but languages added with humans create interactions, interactions that have built highways, cars that drive on the highways, and the minds that drive innovation. Through language, we are able to communicate ideas to save lives and make up stories about fictional lives, but the word fam is the most elegant of them all. Fam expresses deep rooted emotion, drama, and the utter dependence on the human need for communication. When using the word fam, you create a deep connection not only with the word itself, but with the humans you exchange it with. When you call someone fam you create a deep, intimate relationship because of the deep meaning of the world.

According to, the word fam means “family” or “familiar”, but by shortening the original word to one syllable and three letters, it magnifies the meaning, right? Those who say that fam is unintelligent need to rethink the meaning and the context of the word. “Fam is just stupid”, nah fam. “Fam sounds so unintellegent”, nah fam.

Next time you are addressing someone, use the word fam. You will feel a special feeling, butterflies in your stomach. It is normal and utterly rejuvenating to address a friend, colleague, or dearest family member with the elegant word of fam.

If you sit down with one of the most intelligent and wise people on this planet, you will find they will use the word fam. It is human instinct to use elegant and profound language to communicate with each other.

So when you are wondering if saying fam is cool, just look up to those who say it. The word fam will almost always be followed by an intelligent and insightful thought or idea.