Choir sings in tune with the Air Force

Jordan Toomey, Lead Reporter

Pop groups from Willow Springs Middle School and the high school will be performing with the Air Force Reserve Band on April 25 at 7 p.m. at the Willow Springs campus.

“[On Saturday] we are performing with the Air Force Reserve Band, and it’s just an incredible opportunity to perform with some professional musicians,” associate choir director Chris Mason said. “These are people who get paid by the United States government to go and perform for the troops, for different events all around the United States, and one thing they do is perform at schools, so we’re singing with them.”

Performing with a military band means a lot to some students.

“I am excited because my grandfather was in the Air Force, and it’s a great opportunity that only comes around every once in a while,” junior Maddie Keosoff said. “Plus I love to sing.”

Students performing are looking forward to performing the music selection.

“I’m excited to be singing with these great men and women who are out there every day defending our country,” sophomore Kennedy Miller said. “[The music we’re singing] is upbeat and catchy. I think [the audience] will have a positive attitude and leave with a pep in their step.”

Mason encourages everyone to come out and see the concert.

“We’re going to sing some patriotic tunes, some jazz tunes, some pop stuff, some musicals, just everything, it should be a great concert,” Mason said.