M&M prices, and depression, on the rise


Jordan Toomey

One of the many bags of M&M’s that Jordan Toomey hoards in her backpack.

Jordan Toomey, Lead Reporter

There have been many questionable changes happening in the school over the last few months, it is true – but the one that really, really makes me angry is the vending machine prices. Any vending machine junkie could tell you every price of every food normally in the machines, and I am no exception.

The school has two different machines that dispense snacks, and I can tell you which foods are in each and what price they are from memory (I realize this is sad and borderline mentally unhealthy, but just stay with me). This being said, I obviously know the price of my favorite snack – M&Ms. Anyone who knows me well, or anyone who has been to the vending machine a couple times, knows that I love M&M’s. Last year alone, I probably dropped $50 on M&M’s and I do not have a single regret.

Last year, the M&M price was $1.25. This was still a little pricy, but I could handle it for my precious snack and my own mental well-being. However, this year, I was shocked as I approached the vending machine, $1.25 in hand, ready to curb my M&M craving for the day. I put in my money and press the code in, E6, for M&M’s. The machine flashes at me, saying to insert enough money, and only then do I do a double take at the prices.

They’ve changed. It’s now one $1.50 for a package of M&M’s. A cold sweat builds on my spine, as my shock is followed by anger. As far as I’m concerned, this is nothing short of sabotage on my unhealthy little habit. $.25 more cents for a package of M&M’s? How could they do this to me?

I did a quick scan on all the other prices and realized that all the sugary foods had increased in price by at least $.25 cents. This was a conspiracy against junk food addicts everywhere. I believe that they have increased the price to steer students away from sugary foods and onto “more healthy foods” such as barbeque chips, which are just a dollar (though last year they were .$75).

Bottom line, I’m still going to get my M&M’s, because they are the brightest point in the dark nightmare that is my school day. But I will definitely be going to the vending machine less, and that means that the vending machine has definitely lost one of its biggest customers.