5 steps to getting a Sadie Hawkins date


Mary Catherine Wells

The Red Ledger’s Matt Smith gives some tips to young ladies looking to ask a date to the Sadie Hawkins.

Matt Smith, Staff Reporter

Alright, listen up girls! Amid the roses, giant teddy bears, and all the other tokens of love the guys shower you with this time of year, you have the chance to reciprocate that. The Sadie Hawkins dance is being held this year on Feb. 28. If you don’t know what that means, the dance is giving the girls the perfect way to make up for all the times guys have had to do the asking. If you think guys don’t want to be courted to this event, you are severely mistaken and should begin to think about some ways to get a date.

Because you girls haven’t had to lift a finger in terms of dances for the past couple years, you probably don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, you have a very kind and considerate guy here to help you through this confusing process. Use my first-rate guide to score a date for this dance and treat a guy to a special night he deserves.

Step 1: Find the target

Whoa there missy! You can’t just jump into the deep end and expect to float. Start from square one and figure out who you want your date to be. There is a seemingly endless pool of guys to choose from but you have to pick one. How do you narrow it down? Start figuring out who you closest guy friends are. You will be spending a long night with them and might want to at least like their personality to begin with. Some guys have been bolder in the past and gone for the girl way out of their league. If you feel so high and mighty in your high heels then be my guest and follow suit. Just know, the basketball star with a sensitive side may not be for you this year.

Step 2: Attract the target

Nobody wants to be asked right out of the blue. Many guys have tried and failed with that tactic and it usually comes out of desperation because they have little time to nurture the relationship established in steps 2-3. Girls are always expecting the guys to make the first move, but for the sake of the Sadie Hawkins dance, it is your time to shine. Slide into the DM’s, leave secret admirer notes on their truck, or even sit next to them at lunch. Do whatever necessary to get that guy’s attention because Feb. 28 depends on it.

Step 3: Retain the target

You are not in the clear once he notices you. The wonderful journey has only begun but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting. Just hold your bladder and be careful not to blush because composure is key when you get this far in the game. Everyone can get attention but maintaining that attention comes from true naturals. If that does not describe you, then read carefully. There are three C’s that help you get past that awkward introduction stage and into the clear. Confidence, compassion, and cooking. The first two are self-explanatory but some girls are confused by the last one. The truth is, boys love their moms and moms cook them food. If you want to make an impact on a guy, do what their favorite woman does for them and whip up some of your best grub.

Step 4: Claim the target

There are a lot of other girls in this school and chances are, you are not the only one trying to score a date to the dance. Competition is what asking season is all about before homecoming and prom. Guys literally get into brawls over what girl they’re all going to take to the dance. If you want an edge over the girls, seize the competition before they even know there is one. Put your name on his back so all girls know not to step over your bounds. You may have to get nasty, but just know that guys don’t mind a little bit of tension. They like being fought over just as much as they like to fight.

Step 5: Obtain the target

Once he is yours in the minds of the girl population, you have made great strides towards achieving all that you wanted to begin with. There is one last step though that requires great attention to detail because you really have only one shot. There is no way you can go to the dance with that guy of your dreams if you don’t work up the strength to pop the question. You can’t ask the question in a wimpy way either because the guy has been dreaming about the chance to be asked in some extravagant way ever since his older sister was asked to prom years before. You have to be creative yet romantic. They can even be a bit funny if the guy has a great sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to take that extra step to impress.

If you’ve followed my five steps to success then you are probably reading this with a grin because you’ve scored yourself an awesome date to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Congratulations! You should be proud. Go out and enjoy your night with that guy that you have rightfully earned and don’t forget to fulfill your financial obligations.