Mini majestics to take center court

Mary Catherine Wells, Staff Reporter

Young girls from the community have signed up for the Mini Majestics Clinic with the girls performing during halftime of the boys basketball game against Prosper Tuesday at home.

“The mini Majestics dance camp is for little girls kindergarten through middle school,” Majestics director Fela Lowrance said. “The girls come and learn a performance to dance at the basketball game.”
The Majestics have never performed at a basketball game before and they look at this as a new opportunity.

“I am super pumped to perform at the basketball game,” junior Emma LeGare said. “I think it will be a different dynamic of the crowd energy and it will be fun. I love dancing in pep rallies, and that is like the same thing as the court, so it will be a lot of fun.”

To ensure the performance is seen by as many people as possible, a rivalry game was picked.

“Prosper is a big competitor with Lovejoy,” Lowrance said. “We wanted to pick a game where we knew we could come out and really support our basketball team where another crowd might be.”

For the Majestics, the clinic is a break from the norm.

“It is fun to see the little girls practice and they are a lot of fun to work with,” junior Portia Gifford said.

“We get to perform with the little girls that have a dream to dance,” senior Merrimon McCartney said.

The atmosphere will be different and Majestics are excited for the change.

“I think because the audience is closer down we will get more energy,” senior and Majestics major Lexi Seay said. “This time we are doing a fun piece and not just kicking and streamers so that will be fun.”