Cooler weather, cooler fashion


Julia Vastano

Students wear ‘lazy scarves’ in anticipation of upcoming winter fashions.

Catherine Hathaway , A&E Editor

Colder weather may pose challenges to students trying to dress stylishly this winter, but students all over campus are finding creative and unique ways of keeping warm and looking cute as the holidays approach.

  • Pretty Printed Dresses- Yes, even as it gets chilly outside, a light and fun dress is still a great little piece to keep handy. A dress is the key piece to lazy, feminine looks. Lots of layers can be thrown over or under your favorite fall frock for a cool weather outfit. Knit gowns that are printed with muted floral patterns keep you comfy, girly, and toasty warm.
  • Lazy Scarves- Scarves are just little rectangles of fabric draped over your shoulders, yet they are the coziest and easiest way to tie an outfit together. Being versatile and simple, scarves can be paired with nearly anything. A variety of prints, colors, fabrics and designs are available for any style personality. Scarves are the perfect addition to your outfit this holiday season.
  • Flashback 90’s Sweaters- Teen girls have been digging into the past with flashback 90’s sweaters. These oversized sweaters are usually printed with geometric designs and vivid color pairs. Large sweaters are great for lazy days when you want to look absolutely adorable and still stay warm while you jet from class to class. Typically paired with boots, 90’s sweaters are a delightfully snug way to stay comfy when the next cold fronts move in.
  • Sleek Heeled Boots- Classy and sleek, heeled boots have walked their way into our halls. With the weather chilly and brisk, boots are casual and chic. Slouchy, non-heeled boots can often look lazy, but heeled boots create a clean cut look with minimal effort. Different colored boots can also be paired well with long socks to embellish your outfit and keep your toes nice and warm.
  • Winter Sparkles- Diamonds are a girl’s best friend because of their sparkle and shine. The holidays are the perfect time to let your wardrobe shine. Earrings, shoes and nail polish can be embellished with sparkle. Try matching your ensemble with the familiar shine of snowflakes. White and diamonds always looks elegant and special so don’t be afraid to play with your own sparkle this holiday season.

Winter can be difficult to dress, and oftentimes some people feel the urge to snatch up the sweatpants and give up. But when the weather gets cold, remember how easy it is to pull together a toasty warm outfit that’s perfect for playing in the snow.