Bahama Buck’s releases winter flavor


Riley Laurence

Bahama Buck’s offeres a multitude of flavors to put anyone in the holiday spirit.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

When it comes to winter drinks, many people think of a place like Starbucks. But for others, the winter Bahama Bucks menu offers a holiday twist with seasonal flavors including apple cinnamon, pecan pie, candy cane, eggnog, and gingerbread.

“I always love to see what new flavors come out every month,” freshman Megan White said. “My favorite flavor this month is candy cane because it is sweet and minty at the same time.

Although it may seem to cold for a frozen treat, Bahama Bucks tries to keep people coming in throughout the cold winter with their polar punch cards. Card holders can earn punches when visiting a participating Bahama Bucks.

“If it is below 60 degrees then you can get two times the punches, if it is below 5o degrees then you can get three times the punches, and if it is below 40 degrees then you can get four times the punches,” sophomore Betsy Zanders said.

Bahama Bucks also has stocking stuffers available at every location.

“I think gift checks are a fun gift that anyone would like to receive,”  freshman Alyssa Watson said.

Many people in the community love getting their sno, smoothies, coffee, and fruit even in the cold winter months.

“Regardless of the weather, my family and I love getting Bahama Bucks all year long,” sophomore Josh Harrison said.