Winter tryouts bring new additions to dance team


Ashley Sereno

Majests tryouts are held from December 9 to December 12 rather than at the beginning of the year like most extracurriculars.

Riley Laurence, Staff Reporter

The nationally-recognized Majestics are one of the distinctive features of the school. From their sequined hats down to their matching boots, everyone around campus is familiar with the dance group. In order to be a Majestic, students must tryout, but unlike other sports whose tryouts are during summer or the first weeks of school, tryouts for Majestics take place during the week of Dec. 9-12.
“There are many reasons why we do an early audition and all of them are to benefit the best growth of the future of the Majestics,” Majestics Director Fela Lowrance said. “We do this because more students are available to audition without the overlap of other activities. It also provides an opportunity for ‘Rookie Majestics’ to begin working closely together to grow as a future ‘Baby Majestics’ class and learn the necessary tools for becoming a Majestic.”
Even though the “Rookie” Majestics (used to characterize the girls’ first unofficial semester on the team) make the team in December, they are not blended with the other Majestics until the spring, when they perform the annual Spring Show.
“We integrate the Rookies into the Majestics during the Spring Show and utilize them as backstage and performance support for the current Majestics dance team, establish a rapport with the new girls and set forth the expectations of being a Majestic, and to learn traditional aspects of Majestics in advance of the 15-16 school year,” Lowrance said.
With almost 50 girls trying out to be “Rookie Majestics,” the 2015-2016 Majestics Dance Team will be the biggest in school history.
“I’m excited for the team to grow in size and dance ability,” junior Cayley Toft said. “It’ll be a new experience having a team so big. I’m a bit indifferent on how we won’t be as close as a team next year with so many new girls, but I’m mainly excited.”
These new “Rookies” will be held to high expectations, seeing as the team will be attending competition for the 2015-2016 school year.
“We’re putting in harder elements this year, since we will be competing during the 2015-2016 season,” Major Lexi Seay said. “So I’m excited to see what new talent can be brought to the team. I’m also eager to see if my sister makes it, so when I graduate she’ll be filling in the spot I leave.”
Though the large amount of new dancers will add a new element of stress to Lowrance’s directing, the bar is set high for the new school year.
“I am looking forward to the 2015-2016 Majestics Dance Team,” Lowrance said. “It is going to be an exciting year.”