Student captures local news channel’s attention


Michael Berman

Garron Weeks shakes hands with reporter Ted Madden after his interview.

Hallie Fischer, Editor-in-Chief

The bird’s eye shots of the Friday night lights have not only captured the attention of Leopard fans, but also the attention of a local news team. Senior Garron Weeks’ high school sport videos have received thousands of views via YouTube and The Red Ledger and will likely receive more after his story airs on Channel 8 News Wednesday night.

“When I saw the videos, they were incredible,” WFAA sports reporter Ted Madden said. “His video wasn’t just good for a high school student, it was just good.”

Weeks joined the staff of The Red Ledger at the beginning of his senior year as a multimedia reporter and, combined with the videos he does for his production company Garron Weeks Productions, his work began receiving more and more attention.

“It’s really awesome,” Weeks said. “I’m glad the videos are getting recognized for the art they are. I’m glad that they took their time to come out here and talk to me. It’s gonna open up some great opportunities for me.”

The high school videographer uses multiple forms of video equipment from a GoPro to a remote control drone. But his drone isn’t the only thing that the news crew thought was impressive.

“They way he incorporates the drone is special,” videographer/reporter Paul Eaton said. “But Garron has a talent too. He seems to know what good shot making is. He has a good sense of timing with the shots.”

According to the WFAA news team, the videos have a special quality that is not only enhanced by Weeks’ technology, but also his above average skill and eye for good video shots.

“He understands the closer you get to your subject the more compelling the video can be,” Madden said. “He’s willing to get into people’s faces and that’s where you get really good video. The way he ties the music in and the shots he picks up. He obviously has an eye for it. It takes a lot of experience before he gets to that point and it looks like he’s picked that up already.”

The growing popularity of Weeks’ videos are a product of his approach.

“I think my videos really capture the different elements of the sports game,” Weeks said. “I don’t just capture the game itself; I capture the student section, the emotion, all different angles. I think that makes a difference. It really is an amazing experience and I never thought this would  happened three months ago. It’s really special.”