Stacy Road Sonic set to reopen Tuesday


Hallie Fischer, Editor-in-chief

More than two months after a grease fire destroyed the Sonic on Stacy Road on August 13, the popular after-school drink stop will be opening Tuesday at 10 a.m. after extensive repairs.

“We had to get all new walls, all new equipment- grills, fryers, you name it,” the Stacy Road Sonic manager said. “Screens, monitors… we got some flooring redone. Everything outside was pretty much intact. We had to get new windows. A lot of equipment.”

Several students worked at the Sonic before it burned down right before the school year started and now the student employees are returning back to their jobs.

“We are getting most of [our student employees] back that we sent to other stores to work at temporarily,” the manager said. “But we did have to hire a few just to get back up off the ground.”