Clubs and organizations on campus

Students at this years Freshman Founders day inquire about the various clubs. There are now more than 20 clubs and organizations on campus.

Brian Higgins

Students at this years Freshman Founders day inquire about the various clubs. There are now more than 20 clubs and organizations on campus.

Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

Academic Decathlon Quiz Bowl-  Jason Taylor in D222

Students give essays and presentations on certain subject that changes every year. This years subject is world war one. Talk to Mrs. Olson in D212 for more information.

Cheerleaders- Jennifer Leary, Melody Mosley in E202 or B102

Leaders in spirit at LHS. Perform at sports games and other special events. Taken as an athletic period. 

Chess Club (Sport of the Mind)- Tricia Dobson

After school club dedicated to the game of chess and improving chess skills. Meet in D103- Thursdays after school.

DOLLS (Daughters of Our Living Lord and Savior) – Amanda Gulley in D201

A student run, non-denominational, Christian club for girls who grow in their relationship with God through devotionals, worship, and discussions.

Engineering/Robotics Club- Brian Lidington in E109

Split into two parts: Robotics and Engineering.  Robotics competes in the VEX Robotics meets. Talk to Mr. Lidington in El09 for more information.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – Shawn Purcell

United in one cause. The FCA meets in homes weekly for club activities.


French Honor Society- Melody Mozley in B102

Society dedicated to promoting French culture and language. Go to B102 for more information.


Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) – Amy Tokarz in D114

Nationwide organization dedicated to letting students explore a medical profession.


Key Club- Amanda Beller, Pam Ford in E108 and E110

Student-led organization whose goal is to teach leadership through performing community service acts. Key Club meets on every second and fifth Tuesday of the six weeks.


Krue- Jane Schiller in the library

Runs the flags at every touchdown or field goal. The Krue does push-ups for every point scored and leads the student section in spirit cheers.


Majestics- Fela Lowrance G101 and F105

A team of dancers that perform at home football games, pep rallies,  and other special events.


Mock Trial- Homa Lewis in D223

Students are either “lawyers” or “witnesses” on a team which practices weekly and participates in trials, scrimmages, and competitions.


National Honor Society (NHS) – Elyse Hall and Tamara Sakuda D224 and B216

National program in which high-achieving students promote leadership through community service and other group activities. See Mrs. Hall in D224.


Newspaper- Brian Higgins in E103

Online publication of news; local and national. Taken as a special class period.


PALS- Kyle Herrema and Allison Lyles in D131, B111, and E207

Centered on community service, the PALS work on building relationships with students and meet for activities and interests during a designated school period.


Spanish Honor Society- Mallin Hernandez in B108

Society dedicated to promoting the Spanish Language and Culture. Go to B108 for information.

French Circle- Melody Mozley in B102

ASL Honor Society- Edward Bart in B110


Speech/Debate Team- Tami Parker in B201 and B203
Students travel around Texas and participate in speech and debate competitions.


Student Council- Theresa Dollinger in E210

Students plan many school events along with community service opportunities.


Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) – Amanda Gulley in D201

Statewide organization created to allow students an opportunity to explore the teaching profession in depth. See Mrs. Gulley in D201for information.


Yearbook- Jennifer Holcomb in E107

Class of students dedicated to stocking our yearbook with all its information and design. Taken as a class period.


Environmental club- Jason Taylor D222


Cycling club- Brice Macasland in E112