GT coordinator retires


Courtesy Photo

Jan DeLisle, the districts GT coordinator will be retiring. DeLisle built up the GT program, which is now one of the most successful in the area.

Riley Laurence, Staff Reporter

As seniors are getting ready to graduate, GT coordinator Jan DeLisle is retiring. Thursday from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. there will be a party in her honor in the Lovejoy Elementary School gym.

“Jan DeLisle came to Lovejoy when we began our secondary program,” curriculum coordinator Kathryn Pabst said. “She was hired for her expertise in gifted and talented which has been the focus of her career for a lifetime.”

DeLisle has shaped Lovejoy’s GT program into the program it is today.

“She was picked because of her deep expertise and she has created, designed, and implemented our program,” Pabst said. “We now have one of the highest-rated GT programs in the state and we are well-known throughout the state as being one of the highest quality GT programs there are. And it’s all because of Jan DeLisle.”

The honorary gathering will include multiple GT students and various GT teachers.

“Mrs. DeLisle is the person responsible for how successful the GT program is,” GT English teacher Katherine Harrison said. “We, the GT teachers, owe all of our successes to her.”