New medical club offered to students


Ben Prengler

All the health awareness booths set up at Friday’s Health Expo, such as the Anti-Smoking station pictured above, served as a good recruiting atmosphere for the new medical club, as some of its members set up a booth to inform the campus of its recent creation.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

Frustrated by the school’s lack of health care clubs, freshman Paige Christiansen has started the school’s chapter of HOSA, (Health Occupations Students of America) a medical club that will begin next school year.

“The reason I created it is because I want to be in the medical field and there wasn’t a club for medicine so I decided to create one,” freshman Paige Christiansen said. “I wanted to create an environment where myself and others could discuss things about medicine/surgeries.”

HOSA will be the first medical club on campus and as a result it is non-exclusive.

“[The club] is for anyone interested in learning more about healthcare careers and participating in health care related events,” health science teacher Amy Tokarz said. “It has existed for many years as a national organization with state and school chapters. We’re starting a new chapter here.”

On campus, it’s a case of supply and demand.

“We have a large number of students participating in health science classes and many are looking for a club or organization that goes along with that interest,” Tokarz said. “We also want to allow students interested in health care careers, but not able to fit a health science class in their schedule, to participate as well.”

A few students have already decided to join and help with the expansion of HOSA.

“I am really interested in medicine and I want to go into that field when I’m older, so I thought it would be a great way to get more exposure to that kind of stuff,” freshman Kennedy Miller said. “[I want to go into] neuroscience and psychology. “

There are high expectations for the medical club.

“Hopefully [the students] will gain more in-depth knowledge about health care careers, as well as develop leadership skills and participate in activities, conferences, and competitions that aligns with their interest in health care,” Tokarz said.

As the club’s sponsor, Tokarz thinks the school’s chapter of HOSA will be a worthwhile investment of time.

“[The students] will have fun and learn,” Tokarz said. “Maybe meet/network with professionals in the industry that could lead to internships, part-time jobs, scholarships, etc.”

There will be a meeting held on May 20 in D114 at either 8:20 a.m. or 4:20 p.m. for students interested in joining.