Why you should live life like Leah Jenner

Why you should live life like Leah Jenner

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

When people think of the Kardashians they usually think of black hair, heavy makeup and terrifying narcism. But Leah Jenner is an unusual ray of sunshine on the family. She married (Brandon Jenner) into the cult in 2012, and has since been featured in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her blonde hair, toothy smile and bohemian style perfectly contrast the Adams Family (the K-Dashs).

Leah is the daughter of Don Felder, guitarist and co-writer of the Eagles, so this makes her naturally cool (the Eagles are cool). Her and Brandon Jenner’s band Leah and Brandon has been making waves with its original reggae pop.

Honestly, everyone should live life like Leah. Just read these lyrics:


So many reasons for you to be happy

So many reasons for you to be smiling

But you’re not about to see ’em, you’re not about to feel ’em, you’re not about to be ’em

You don’t believe ’em

So many reasons for you to be angry

So many reasons, it’s not the way you planned it

But all you can do is see ’em, all you can do is feel ’em, all you can do is let them be


Life happens

While you’re making other plans

Life happens

While you’re trying to understand

You’ll be kicking it in the shade

And you’re thinking you got it made

Life is gonna happen to you anyway


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I just want to be the person in that song. How can Leah Jenner even be associated with the Kardashian family and Kanye West? No offense to them, but that family isn’t exactly full of carefree, “Don’t worry be happy”, kind of people.

Leah is one of my idols for life. People like this are indirectly screaming out and foiling the narcissism and depressive features of the growing popular culture. You rock Leah and Brandon, you rock (almost as much as the Eagles).