Spell check ruined me

Spell check ruined me

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Hi ya’ll, my name is julia and I’am the asstiant edtior in cheif of The Red Ledger. I realy don’t know whn it hapened, but at some poiont in my life, spell chekc ruined me.

Bless you if you could read that, and yes, that was a dramatization of my awful spelling skills.

However, as a product of the age of technology my spelling skills really suck. It’s definitely a joke of the newspaper staff, but I really can’t spell and never have been able to.

You would think I would be like a spelling goddess or something because of how much I read and write. Last year I read 107 books and I write for The Red Ledger and obviously I am in an English class.

However much I write though, I definitely do it more often on my phone or computer. Therefore, I have never really accumulated any substantial spelling skills because the computer basically just does it for me.

Though I am apart of this generation, frankly, I am scared for us.

What if in the future we never write anything and everything can be typed and printed? I am the perfect example, I never want to hand write anything. Plus, no one has written snail mail in like forever. You can even make digital sticky notes for your desktop on the computer.

Not that I want this to happen, but just something to ponder.

untilll next wek, Julia Vastno