Schiller volunteers time


Jane Schiller

Jane Schiller, often confused as a librarian, is actually a volunteer that helps out in the library.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

Though most students may just view her as a woman who helps in the library, Jane Schiller is not a school employee; she doesn’t get paid and she doesn’t like to read.

“I’m not a librarian,” Schiller said. “I’m just a volunteer.”

Schiller began volunteering places 8 years ago, and eventually found her way to the school.

“I started out in the athletic department,” Schiller said. “And I went on to work in counseling for a while. [The library] was where they needed somebody most recently.”

Schiller worked other jobs before coming to the school.

“I was a secretary for an athletic director at a private school,” Schiller said. “I did anything he didn’t have time to do, dealt with the parents, answered his phone and screened his calls. I did that because I love sports, and it got me closer to football. Football is my favorite sport, hands down. I really like high school and college football.”

Schiller volunteers because she has a passion for kids.

“I like teenagers,” Schiller said. “Since all the kids were up [in the library] they sold me on the idea that it would be great to be up there because then I could be with the kids.”

But the woman who spends so much time in the library doesn’t even like books.

“I know nothing about books, and I don’t like to read,” Schiller said. “People ask me about books, but I hate books, I’m into sports.”

Schiller does a lot to help out not only in the library, but in other places on campus.

“In [the library] I work at the desk and try to be here for the kid,” Schiller said. “And if they need anything I get it for them. I also help Rhonda downstairs, mostly with subs and things.”

Staff members who work in the library seem grateful for her help.

“She helps out a lot. She’s my backup, and she’s out [in the library] to greet and help students and teachers,” library aide Sandi Petty said. “She moves the chairs and stuff back. We try to keep this place straightened up and, you know, in some order.”

The students also seem to appreciate the effort.

“She is very necessary to remind everyone of the proper library etiquette,” sophomore Abby Henning said.

Though she doesn’t really like books, the chance to work with students makes her position in the library worthwhile.

“The best part is being with the kids,” Schiller said. “I think [volunteering here] keeps me younger, I mean every day I’m here at 7:00 a.m. and sometimes I don’t leave until three or four, and you know. That definitely helps.”