Choir students compete for UIL


Ben Prengler

The choir rehearses for the upcoming UIL competition under the instruction of Chris Mason.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

Instead of singing for audiences, the choirs will be singing for judges as part of the UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest at Allen High School from Wednesday to Friday.

        “We have received all sweepstakes every year of Lovejoy, with every choir,” associate Choir director Chris Mason said. “We are one of the best choirs in our region.”

        All choirs have been working hard to prepare for UIL.

        “[We have had] countless rehearsals before school and after school, we had a really great clinic this week with Josh Habermann, who is the conductor of the Dallas Symphony Chorus,” Mason said. “He was inspirational and it was nice to hear his level of thinking and he’s really likable.”

        Despite the stress extra rehearsals can put on choir students, they don’t seem to mind.

        “I think [the outside of school rehearsals] are good because they help us learn more about the music,” choir member Aneesha Thomas said. “And they help us prepare more for UIL.”

        Members of the choir are also expected to do their part outside of school by way of extra rehearsals.

        “I set the lyrics to our Indian song as my screensaver for a while to help me memorize the lyrics,” senior Meghan Walker said. “And over break I listened to the music to make sure I knew it.”

        The competition is not mundane as the choir has a reputation to uphold.

        “We have one of the most competitive regions in the state,” Mason said. “People say that down in Houston and up here around Dallas are the most competitive areas, and we’re one of the best choirs [out of those areas].”

        Every member of the choir strives for success in the upcoming UIL competition – and for some, it will be their last time competing with the choir.

        “If we didn’t have the outside rehearsals, then I don’t think we would be as good as we are,” Walker said. “And we have to obtain that reputation, or we would like to. I’m excited for UIL. It’s kind of bittersweet, because [this is my last one].”