Theatre’s little known nooks


Morgan Hykin

Many rooms behin the stage in tha auditorium are utilized by theatre. Said rooms are often unkown among many students on campus.

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

When most people think of a theatre they see an auditorium: the physical room where plays and events are performed. However there is so much more to a theatre department. Rooms such as the sewing room, production shop, and costume closet are unknown to most students who are not in theatre classes.

“I had no idea the school had all these rooms available to theatre students,” junior Lydia Fennell said. “I knew that they had other rooms, but I didn’t know there were so many with different purposes.”

The shop room is the place that sets are created for the productions put on by theatre.
The shop room is the place that sets are created for the productions put on by theatre.

The unique thing about theatre, specifically high school theatre, is that every aspect of the production from costumes to set are mostly created entirely on campus, mainly by students themselves.

“The shop and other rooms allow students to be able to fix and construct anything they need with everything they could possibly do around them,” Bartel said. “The shop provides us with lots of different tools,saws, drills, and wood to assist us in any way possible.”

For students interested in crafting technical aspects of shows there is a large room directly behind the theatre classroom called “the shop.” The shop is where the technical aspects

of the show are both housed and created. Everything from lumber to lights is located in the shop.

“The shop is used for construction, finishing, and fixing props and set used for productions,” junior Nicole Bartel said.

Then there is the sewing room. Located adjacent to the theatre classroom, the sewing  room is used to connect the left and right sides of the stage. The sewing room contains multiple sewing machines as well as anything you could ever need for costume mending.

“It’s really helpful having our own sewing room,” senior Farren Barnett said. “It gives us a space to be able to create and alter costumes, and you can change or alter them in any

The sweing room is used to create costumes for school plays.
The sewing room is used to create costumes for school plays.

way. It’s an area where our ideas begin to come to life.”

There’s a costume room(s) used to store old costumes and accessories.

“The costume room is a place for us to store things that we use from show to show,” director Jessica Brewster said. “We try to only keep items in stock that are versatile and can be reused from year to year for a variety of things.”

All theatre students benefit from these rooms and aid in theatrical production as learning to construct technical aspects of theatre is a large part of the curriculum.

“I am very thankful for having a space where we as students can learn and experience the building process,” Bartel said.