An open letter to John Green

An open letter to John Green

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Whether he’s mainstream or hipster or even a double agent for the MI6, I don’t really care because I think John Green is awesome.

I have been watching Crash Course history videos since what feels like the dawn of time. Starting last spring I started to read Looking for Alaska, and it was absolutely phenomenal. Little did I know the author and star of the YouTube series was a man of many very amusing and extraordinary talents.

Green is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a co-owner of the popular YouTube channel VlogBrothers and Crash Course, co-creator of VidCon, and co-creator of The Project Awesome.

Unofficially, he is co-creator of the Nerdfighters, very good at watching Swamp People, YouTube and British Soccer, team ninja promoter, Disc Golf champion, Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers soccer team member, advocator of the abolition of pennies, and can disrupt systems of content delivery.

For a guy with such a simple name, he is quite complex.

Okay, can we just think about that for a moment? He is basically really good at a lot of stuff. When I first found out about all of this I was shocked. I had no idea that the same guy who was so smart in those YouTube videos was writing amazing teen angst novels.

Dear John Green,

So basically, I’m writing this in honor of you because you are really awesome and I thought everyone should know you don’t just write ‘hipster’ books.

Please continue being you. I’m sure you will, (because it probably makes you a lot of money), but this is extra encouragement because you inspire me to actually do things in life. Like be good at Disc Golf.
– Julia Vastano