Alterations made to One Act Play


Morgan Hykin

In order to give students a chance at scholarships, auditions, and other opportunities, theater teacher John Davenport is starting an International Thespian Society.

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

A schedule change is often a simple switch, but for some students in the third period theatre production class, it has been a different story. If students are not cast in the One Act Play, they can request a schedule change as the entire second semester of the theatre production class is spent on One Act.

“I didn’t audition to be in OAP just because I’ve been a bit busy,” sophomore Brandon Whitaker said. “I just switched into the seventh period Advanced Acting class and now I’m in English during production. Thankfully it was a pretty easy fix.”

The students from the third period production class that did not audition for The Women of Lockerbie switched into the seventh period Advanced Acting class.

“Fortunately, the classes I had to switch were flexible, and I was able to make an easy transition without drastic schedule shifting,” sophomore Jak Barth said.

On the flipside, students that were not originally in the third period Theatre Production class were switched out of seventh period Advanced Acting class and into third period after being cast in The Women of Lockerbie.

“It wasn’t exactly difficult changing my schedule to be in third period. I’m in English seventh period now,” sophomore Rachel Jackson said. “I just don’t know very many people in that English class so it’s kind of uncomfortable and awkward.”