Lorde beyond her years

Two-time Grammy winner Lorde (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-OConnor) performing last night, March 4, at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas.

Courtesy Photo

Two-time Grammy winner Lorde (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor) performing last night, March 4, at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas.

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

“Getting old is scary”

The music was so loud I could feel it, and the lights were blinking on and off in all different colors. There was smoke and confetti polluting the air. I was surrounded by hundreds of people I didn’t know pushing and shoving me, however I had never felt more at home than at the Lorde concert at The South Side Ballroom Tuesday, March 4.

This seventeen-year-old is known for her relatable lyrics, black wardrobe, fluffy hair and chicken-like dance movements. While this may sound like a strange or even confusing combination to watch on stage for almost two hours, Lorde’s was actually one of the most alluring and enchanting performances I have ever seen.

Though it was a far cry from the last concert I went to (Taylor Swift), Lorde’s performance was enthralling. It was crazy to see a girl only a year older than myself pour her heart out for a sold out concert and have an entire crowd sing along to every word. Sure, it was different and a little darker (I wore heavy black eyeliner, wow right) but she made you feel at home.

A main theme with her songs is that growing up with your friends and leaving home can be not only sad, but scary. A part of her ‘grand finale’ was a little speech before a song about how she wrote it just a year ago during the winter break at her school. It’s crazy to think that just a year ago she was a somewhat normal (I mean, as normal as a girl who wears black lipstick can be) high school girl. She had a party with her friends and she realized how fast she was growing up and it scared her.

Imagine that:a normal high school girl turned music sensation who has won two Grammys in a year, is scared of something like growing up.

This really connected with me and I feel like it did with the rest of the audience. After that she basically told everyone that it was ok to be scared, and I believed it. Honestly though, she earned a huge amount of respect from me after that, because I too am afraid of growing up.

Costume and prop wise, it was simple (mainly all black). Throughout the concert she drank out of a gold chalice, which was pretty cool and different. One of my favorite parts was when she put on a long golden cape during her last song, A World Alone. And of course, the dropping of confetti was amazing as it is at every concert.

The venue wasn’t my favorite. There were people everywhere and at times you really couldn’t see the stage because there wasn’t any stadium-like seating. I got pushed and shoved multiple times, and admittedly gave some dirty looks. The South Side Ballroom, like I said, wasn’t the best, but I might go there again.

Aside from that, Lorde did a fantastic two hour performance. The crowd danced and sang with her and was generally amazed to be so close to such a talented person. I am truly happy I went.

This concert wasn’t just telling you that it’s okay to grow up, but showing you. I can’t wait until I can see Lorde in concert again.