Why Valentine’s Day is awesome for single people

Why Valentines Day is awesome for single people

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The sweet scent of love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And those who are single become quite grumpy. To put it more frankly: it stinks.

How does a single one avoid the blues this February? It is actually kind of easy (I’ve been doing it for 16 years). For my fellow list lovers, here is one about why Valentine’s Day is awesome for those who are single and ready (or not) to mingle.

1) Most everyone is happy. Suddenly, everywhere you go people seem to have hearts in their eyes and are all dreamy seeming. This may sound weird but it is definitely okay to take advantage of the fact that you’re grumpy math teacher is in good spirits for the day because her husband is taking her to dinner. Enjoy her happiness and the fact she didn’t give you too much homework. Even though this won’t change the fact no one is taking you out, it will sure make the day a whole lot easier.

2) You can make fun of sappy movies. This is honestly one of my favorite things to do. Put away the box of tissues, pick up your phone and call your best single friend. Spend the night laughing at how pathetic Rose in The Titanic sounds rather than crying that Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t holding you in his arms. Other favorites to laugh at when you’re having a rough time: The Notebook, 27 Dresses, The Vow and The Last Song. Nothing against these movies (what girl isn’t a sucker for a romantic comedy?), however they tend to be much more enjoyable when you aren’t upset or crying your eyes out.

3) If you go to a coffee shop, look really sad and you will probably meet the love of your life. It could be the waiter, the cashier, another customer or even the guy pulling through the drive-thru window. I haven’t ever experienced this sudden love at first sight over lattes, but this seems to happen a lot in movies and music videos.

4) Lots of chocolates and teddy bears are going to be on sale on the Feb. 15. Think of the variety; dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and stuffed animals in every shape, size and type. You can’t be sad when you have a teddy bear smiling at you and you have a belly full of chocolate. The teddy bear will keep you as warm throughout the night as a boyfriend would. Plus, you are basically getting candy for free without the emotional baggage.

5) Finally, show yourself a little love. Paint your nails. Do a face mask. Bake something sweet. Or even call your grandma. I don’t care as long as you aren’t on the couch sniffling about how you love life’s DOA (as quoted by the Friends theme song).

I hope that you look forward to Valentine’s day as much as I do now. You may be thinking ‘who am I kidding? I hate the season of love and mutual affection’, but in all seriousness it can be fun.

So, this February 14, skip the moping, steer clear of couples in the hall and have the time of your life.