Thought bubble: America loves dumb stuff

Thought bubble: America loves dumb stuff

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

After I get home from a day of school (and after I finish homework) I will usually watch a pointless Netflix show (if I have time). My mom usually has on her favorite reality TV show, and my little brother is probably on his Xbox playing gosh knows what. My dad’s favorite past time is scrolling football blogs and my friends prefer scrolling their Twitter feed or playing Flappy Bird. I guess my point is, America has evolved into a culture that just loves dumb stuff.

This is bad.

If my AP World History teacher Kevin Finn taught me correctly, this all started evolving around the time of the industrial revolution, and further grew during the Golden Age of television during the 1950’s. However, instead of boring you with a historical account of laziness I will illustrate it for you in an enjoyable short story.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named America. America was born a hard worker, and played outside for the recommended hour a day. Her mommy, Great Britain, always made sure that she read stimulating bedtime stories, and her daddy, France, liked to play Mozart while she was asleep to help build her memory. America’s favorite pastime was reading, learning and fighting for independence.

When America finally was old enough that she could establish herself in a mature way, she bought her first television. For hours on end she would sit in front of a flashing screen, and abandoned her former activities. Soon, she rarely left the house. The most work she would ever do was playing video games or maybe do something on her iPhone. As time went on, she grew highly obese and lacked any innovative production. And then, she died.

The End.

Yes, this is the ultimate fate of our culture I am afraid. If we don’t all start to stimulate ourselves both mentally and physically, then we will all end up with a sad fate.

I fall victim of this too often as well. When I first wake up, the first thing I do is check my social networking on my bright little ray of sunshine that is an iPhone and text anyone who sent something to me back. The question to me now is, why is it that?

I believe it is simply because we have become lazy. So many people before us worked really hard so we could sit back and love dumb stuff like Angry Birds (is that still a thing?) that it wouldn’t be fair to future generations to continue to do absolutely nothing but read gossip magazines about Justin Bieber and Bruce Jenner turning into a woman.

So if you got anything out of this at all or even if you are totally confused by what you just read this is my message to you, me and the rest of America: wake up. Jump off your La-Z-Boy and spring into action. Get stuff done. Learn. And most of all, forget the dumb stuff.