Lovejoy Lunatics leave lasting legacy


Morgan Hykin

The boys basketball team will be playing on Tuesday, Feb. 18 when they take on the Mt. Pleasant Tigers at Grand Saline High School.

Jessica Parrott, Sports Editor

The Lunatics are back in action as the Leopard basketball season has started district play. The Leopard Lunatics are made up of students who cheer loud and support the Leopard basketball team.

The past two years, 2013 graduate Tanner DeVinny coordinated all things Lunatics, including making shirts and getting them ordered for students to purchase.

However with Tanner having graduated last June, his brother, sophomore Tucker DeVinny took over.

“I thought it would be fun to make them,” Tucker said. “I wanted to be a part of the Lunatics so that I could follow my brother’s legacy.”

While they cheer at other sporting events, the Lunatics were started mainly to cheer on the basketball team. Since the group’s formation, students have been more likely to attend basketball games.

Tucker began selling shirts at the beginning of the season and he has already sold 31 shirts at $10 each.

“It went well selling shirts,” Tucker said. “I might do another order if more people are interested in purchasing them.”

The Lunatics are encouraged by students and coaches alike.

“The Lunatics have been an incredible addition to the basketball program,” head coach Kyle Herrema said. “Not only are the games fun to watch but being in the stands is an experience in and of itself. The chants, the “encouragement” of the other team, and the camaraderie make it a memorable experience and a huge home court advantage for the team.”