Thought bubble: fried foods

Thought bubble: fried foods

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

What’s salty, greasy, crunchy and a regular side at fast food restaurants? French fries. Some of you probably couldn’t imagine a world without these bad boys, but I have been living that nightmare for over a year now.

Yes, I haven’t picked up a potato-gone-heart-attack in much over a year.

One day I was with my family on a road trip. We all ordered Cane’s through the drive through and before I knew it our car smelled like some sort of dying animal. My 12 year old brother loved it of course, but as the walnut-like capsule that is my dads suburban rolled up its windows and drove away, I snapped.

Everywhere I looked, food was fried. Chicken, strips of potato and even a piece of ‘toast’, oh my goodness it felt like I was going mad.

When my mom handed me back the brown paper sack that contained my lunch, grease was building up in the bottom of it. I was almost to the point of hyperventilating. It felt like grease was seeping from the walls, seats and even radio. What happened to a balanced diet!?!

I said it. I said I don’t want it and I don’t like French fries. My mom and dad from the front seats turned around in shock and awe. Considering my dad was driving, we’re lucky we didn’t drive straight into oncoming traffic. It was definitely a major life event.

Since then, I have sworn off French fries.

Whenever I tell people this they think it’s because I’m on a diet. When I hear someone tell me that I just start laughing. I would never do such a thing.

Though being a dancer for a substantial amount of time (14 years), I have always been trained to take care of my body. Therefore, I (should) find french fries almost repulsive.

My life has not changed at all because of this decision. Sure it may of altered my family’s life (they try not to eat them in front of me), but I actually feel satisfied because of it. When I eat a hamburger instead of being painfully full by stuffing myself like a thanksgiving turkey with French fries, the burger simply satisfies me.

I would like to encourage all of you to give up French fries. I promise you that you won’t even miss them after awhile. You just adjust, like I have.