Naviance is the answer to GPA questions


Rather than heading to the counselor’s office to get one’s GPA or class rank, students can log in to Naviance and get the information whenever needed.

Grade point average and class rank: two of the prime focuses of college admission boards. These numbers can determine a student’s next four years, if not their whole life. But for some students, these numbers are unknown because they don’t know where to find their GPA, and they flock to the counselor’s office to get the answer.

“I get about 20 students a day,” student services receptionist Wendy Herring said. “They usually email me or ask me in person.”

However, students could save a trip to the counselor’s office by going to the college prep website Naviance which is updated with GPA information every semester. This information is currently up in Naviance and students can now view their weighted GPA.

“It’s a process that we have to go through to run it and it usually takes about two weeks from the day the second semesters starts,” registrar Debbie Barnes said.

According to Barnes, most of the students coming to the counselor’s office looking for transcripts are the youngest of the students.

“Usually the ninth graders are real excited and they are curious,” Barnes said. “It is brand new and they come in and they are all excited and they compare with each other.”

Freshmen are often itching for their first GPA of their high school lives and/or their first class rank.

“I want to know how well I am doing compared to others,” freshman Sarah Warren said. “I wish they would tell us so that we can find out if we want to.”

Taking second place in the race for most curious about transcripts are the seniors.

“Seniors are curious, but by the time your senior year comes around, you are pretty much locked in to your rank,” Barnes said. “You can sometimes flip one kid, but normally your top 10 percent are pretty much locked in to what they are, because they have had seven semesters to figure out where they are.”

According to Barnes, there are less and less students coming to check GPA and class rank, and she thinks that it is all about trying their best. “I think the kids are doing really good,” Barnes said. “They don’t come in here as much as they used to because Naviance is out there and they are more aware of it. I think they should do the best job that they can with their grades and if they do the best job, it’s going to help them in the long run. Do the best job you can and everything will work out.”

Use the following step-by-step instructions on how to get your GPA and class rank through Naviance.

Step One:

Go to the high school website and look on the bottom left. In a red box labeled Quick Links. Look for the link Naviance and click on it.

Step Two:

When you click on the link, you will directed to the LHS Naviance website. This is where you put in your Naviance log in information. If you do not know this, go to the counselor’s office and get your username and password.

Step Three:

Once you log in, this website will pull up. Click on the tab About Me at the top of your screen.

Step Four:

When you open to About Me tab, scroll down the screen to the bottom.

Step Five:

Once you reach the bottom of the page, you will see the LHS crest, right above it, find the tab Official Things. Within that tab, click on ‘profile’.

Step Six:

Once you open up your profile, there is information about your high school year. To find your GPA scroll down to the end of this page.


Step Seven:

Once again, you reach the LHS crest at the end of the page, right above it is where you will find this information. When this information is entered, you will find your GPA and weighted GPA here.