Filling the slots for semester classes


Morgan Hykin

With the new late work policy, teachers are being asked to give a behavioral consequence instead of a grade consequence for work that is not turned in on time.

Sydney Grissom, Staff Reporter

With Friday, Jan. 6 the deadline for students to change their schedules for the new semester, many students are frantically trying to find semester classes they can switch into.

“The counseling office is very busy at the beginning of each semester,” counselor Amanda Breeden said. “We have numerous schedule change requests at this time. I think we have made approximately 200 copies of the request form.”

However there are not very many semester classes to take that still have room and are available for students to take. A list of available classes is below.

  • Journalism 1 – 2nd period only

  • Sociology – 2nd period only

  • Photojournalism 1- 4th period only

  • Photojournalism 2- 2nd and 3rd periods

  • Medical Terminology – 3rd period only

  • Team Sports (PE) – 3rd period only