Aspiring dancers try to be Majestic


Josh Shewmake

Tryouts to be a 2014-2015 Majestic dancer will be held this Friday and the results will be posted around 10 p.m. after the tryouts.

Hallie Fischer, Staff Reporter/Print Editor

Attempts to perfect high kicks, jumps, and splits will be put to the test this upcoming Friday. The ladies in glittering cowboy hats are once again having their tryouts to induct new members/renew the current ones. The Majestics are holding their annual tryouts on Jan. 10 at 4:30 p.m. in the Willow Springs Gym. The dancers have been preparing since the beginning of the year.

“They [the judges] are looking to see if we have our splits all the way, if we can kick to our face, how good our technique is in the dance we learn, how well we remember the dance, and how well we perform the dance,” freshman Sarah Warren said.

There are workshops being held Jan. 7- Jan. 9 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for dancers to practice their skills to be used in the audition.

“The afterschool workshops leading up to actual tryouts are when dancers learn the material they will be judged on,” assistant Majestic director Jenny Willis said. “The current Majestic Leadership teaches along with the Director.”

The tryouts are judged on the many qualifications needed to be a Majestic with half of the tryout material based on performing a set of skills.

“Each dancer must learn a dance combination that has specific elements we must see mastered, and demonstrate kick technique and flexibility as a part of the tryout process,” Willis said.

The other half of the tryouts are based on the talent/showmanship that each dancer may have that is yet uncovered.

“We look for dance technique and potential to grow,” Willis said. “We also look for a candidate that can represent the Majestic organization and uphold the standards we have in place for all members of the team. We make sure to reiterate that we are looking for potential.”

Tryouts are nerve racking for some of the girls, but most are taking extra practice time to perfect moves/skills to increase their chance of admission.

“I’m nervous for tryouts, but I feel ready for them,” freshman Sarah Warren said. “I am ready for tryouts to finally be ready so I can know if I made it or not.”

Not only will aspiring Majestics be tested on their skills, but some current members have to re-audition. The dancers that have been on the team for two years and haven’t failed or received too many demerits do not have to re-tryout.

For current members that don’t have to tryout, it’s a time to help in preparation.

“I teach the pre-drill class to prepare them for the tryouts, and I’ll be at the tryouts to support them,” junior Lexi Seay said.

The auditions are not like some other auditions for clubs and sports around campus. After performing, the dancers are rated by a set of chosen judges. This allows for an accurate rating of their skill, memory, and showmanship.

“Judges are hired to score each candidate on their tryout performance,” Willis said. “It is these scores that determine who will become a Majestic.”

Dancers had a two week gap from school and dance practice because of winter break. This hasn’t stopped the girls from practicing and perfecting their skills to use the week they get back in the tryouts.

“I’m really nervous for tryouts. I have been trying to stretch daily so I can keep up my splits,” freshman Holly Thomson said. “I am working on comfortability having my left splits.”

The tryouts will be held this Friday and the results will be posted around 10 p.m. after the tryouts.

“We make sure to emphasize that tryouts are difficult and stressful, but not as scary as they may seem,” Willis said. “If you do your personal best, you should feel proud no matter the outcome.”