Better to stress now than later


Students have begun to stress due to the finals being before break. However, for some students it comes as a relief, because they can relax and enjoy their break.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

‘Tis the seasons of semester exams for students and while most would prefer not to take them at all, the general consensus seems to be it’s better to take finals sooner rather than later.

“It’s better [to have finals before break] so I can relax during break and get it over with,” senior Gur Dhesi said.

Few students want to spend the weeks leading up to Christmas studying for tests; but it’s better than the alternative.

“Might as well knock out the exams before [the break],” freshman Landon Alleman said. “Then I can have an amazing break.”

Teachers, too, can reap the benefits of having the finals before break.

“Finals before break, I think, alleviates stress for teachers,” math teacher Lindsay Weaver said. “I like to have my break and not think about how to plan reviews for the finals.”

While most people on campus think that finals before break has benefits, there also some drawbacks.

“Finals before break definitely adds stress to the students,” junior Melissa Sayeed said. “I mean, who wants to do work during the holiday season?”

Not everyone is happy with finals before break, though; some consider it a festive drawback.

“I would want [finals] after break,” sophomore Madeline Nelson said. “It’s hard for students to focus and prepare for exams during the Christmas seasons when everyone just wants to have parties and eat Christmas cookies.”

Regardless of the opinions, in the end, the schedule is what it is.

“It is worth not having to do reviews over the break and possibly forgetting what you learned,” Sayeed said.