Power outages aren’t fun

Power outages arent fun

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor

Thursday, December 5 was like a dream. “The Sound of Music” with Carrie Underwood was on live, I barely had any homework, and the best part, school was canceled the next day due to bad weather.  I fell asleep peacefully with dreams of sugar plums, and a day off dancing in my head.

Then, I woke up to a nightmare the next morning.

I opened my eyes to a spinning ceiling fan as usual. But something felt different. I slipped my feet out of my bed and it hit me with the chill of an icy winter morning: my power was out. Oh gosh. The one thing I hate more that snakes is cold weather.

My hair instantly buzzed with static (ew).  My dad fried bacon and biscuits and said it was just like camping (ew). We lit a fire and I shivered while I did my WHAP homework with my hand was freezing to the pencil (ew).

As you can tell I absolutely hated the power being off. You know what made it worse? It lasted three days. Yes, three grueling days. I almost wished I was at school (ew).

Probably the worse thing about the power being off, other than the heat not blowing warm air, was no hot water. Yes that means no showers.

Fortunately my grandparent’s nice warm house is nearby along with a warm shower. Because after one night my dad made us sleep around the fire to ‘defend the fort’, I just wanted to sleep somewhere, anywhere, warm. Even if it was the floor in my Nana’s den.

The most emotionally awful part was the fact my house was one of the two houses in all of Fairview out for the third day. I was suffering alone. Everyone else was baking cookies and watch Elf in the comfort of their own kitchen and I was not.

As you may be able to tell, I truly hated this situation. With a passion. I usually don’t have so much hate in me, but this time it was full-fledged.

I honestly want to have it out with Encore Energy. But really, all I can do is pray it doesn’t happen next time.