Hiring for the holidays

In the video below, LNN’s Mallory Palmquist takes a look at some other places hiring seasonal help for the holidays.


Ben Prengler

Many local businesses like JC Penney are hiring temporarily for the holidays.

Riley Laurence, Staff Reporter

The holidays can make for stressful times for anyone of any given age group. Parents can be stressed about what to get their kids, kids stressed about what to get their friends, etc.

Going out and buying gifts for friends and family is one of the biggest traditions in the history of holidays. Children look forward to these occasions not only for the fun they will have and the break from school, but also because of the gifts they’ll receive.

Holiday workers, people hired strictly to work for the approaching holiday, are an important part in the shopping rush.

JCPenney, a well-known corporation that has been around since 1902, is now hiring more than 35,000 workers just for the holidays.

“Not only will we need the help to assist customers but also to help with tasks such as changing price signage, etc,” JCPenney spokeswoman Kate Coultas said in an interview with Reuters magazine.

The workers JCPenney already has will not sustain many of the holiday crowds.

“We are most definitely hiring for the holidays,” JCPenney employee Carrie Courtney said. “We need roughly 30 new job positions filled in order to get ready for our holiday sales. Jobs usually fill up quickly though!”

Even students at school are taking advantage of the job opportunities as they become available around the area.

“The application process [at Best Buy] was really simple,” said sophomore Skylar Schexnayder. “All they really cared about was if I was able to work and if I could do it efficiently.”