Mock trial kicks off


The 2012-2013 mock trial team after competition.

Jordan Toomey, Staff Reporter

Court is in session for members of the mock trial team as they prepare for their competition in February by participating in scrimmages against other school.

“We have a number of scrimmages between now and January, [and the next one is on December 3rd],” mock trial teacher Jan Delisle said. “When we compete [in February], if we win all three of our trials, we will advance to finals.”

Mock trial is a group of students who are given a court case and must simulate it in a competition. Members are assigned different roles – such as a lawyer, or a witness – and must play their part as if they were really in a court room.

“It’s really fun,” mock trial member Stu Mair said. “We get to pretend to be other people, and I think that’s really cool.”

Mock trial is about more than acting as simulating a court experience is also good for the mind.

“Mock Trial helps you construct a logical argument that is respectful and comprehensive,” Delisle said. “[Which is] a skill everyone needs.  Mock trial is critical thinking on your feet.  You must be able to instantly adjust your questioning to the responses given by the other team.”

In the effort to help team members prepare as thoroughly as possible, professionals are brought in to advise and consult.

“We have an attorney, Mr. Luce, who works with the team and gives instruction regarding the law and advises us how to correctly prepare a case for trial,” Delisle said.

For many students, mock trial offers a variety of options.

“I really like the fact that it’s a competition,” mock trial member Brady Johnson said. “And it’s all intellectual. I also want to look at law – it’s a good profession.”