Ten most influential video games

Video games for 2014 have been announced, The Red Ledger's Cameron Stapleton has reviewed the most anticipated ones of this year.

Hunter Miller

Video games for 2014 have been announced, The Red Ledger's Cameron Stapleton has reviewed the most anticipated ones of this year.

Cameron Stapleton, Staff Reporter

10. Call of Duty (2003)

Even though Call of Duty is now a huge multi-million dollar company, in 2003 it was just a humble WW II first person shooter running only on a PC. In 10 years, the game has spanned World War II, Vietnam, the Cold War, World War III, a future cold war between America and China, and a desolate post-apocalyptic world. Ten main games have been released, with countless other spin offs, with the entire series selling more than 100 million copies. The first Call of Duty game paved the way for loads of innovations in first person shooter games and adding to the huge spike of WW2 games.

 9. Fallout 3 (2008)

Fallout 3 was a turning point in the Fallout series. At this point, no Fallout games had been released in 11 years, and the highest technology used had made the game a third person shooter with a primitive turn based combat system. When Bethesda Softworks bought the rights to the Fallout series from the bankrupt Interplay, they revamped the entire series. Fallout’s graphics turned from pixels to beautiful and intentionally drab textures and the gameplay turned into an First/Third person shooter game with truly hard moral choices. Fallout 3 earned 8 Game of The Year awards and is on numerous “Best Game of the Decade” lists.

8. The Legend of Zelda (1986)

The Legend of Zelda was first released in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. For the next 20 years, The Legend of Zelda series dominated the gaming industry and defined more than a few childhoods. The classic story of a valiant hero saving the princess shown in the Legend Of Zelda has since become the basis for many games.

7. Pokemon Red/Blue (1996)

Pokemon Red and Blue, as they are known as in the U.S., set the precedent of what would become a multi-million dollar game series. Almost every kid grew up with Pokemon. Cards, video games, and other merchandise were a huge part of every store. Nothing has really changed. The Pokemon universe has expanded from 151 Pokemon to more than 700 in the last 15 years. Pokemon Red/Blue was truly the start of an era.

6. Doom (1993)

In 1993, the horror first person shooter Doom was a huge hit. The game carried just enough blood, gore, and story to become an instant classic. This linear First Person Shooter features around a lone space marine stationed on Mars, fighting off waves of Demons that the scientists have summoned from Hell. Doom, like Wolfenstein 3D, paved the way for the modern shooters we know today, such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor.

5. Grand Theft Auto  (1997)

The original GTA game was absolutely nothing like the GTA gamers know and love today. Grand Theft Auto 1 was a primitive open world genre game that paved the way for the beast of a game that is Grand Theft Auto 5. The GTA series has defined the open world genre and the sandbox genre as whole, helping give gamers countless other games in the process.

4. LA Noire  (2011)

LA Noire is a beautiful and gritty police drama set in the late 1940’s. It’s the first game to use facial recognition software and makes use of it beautifully.  The game was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, the first time a game was ever shown at a film event. LA Noire made face recognition software in the industry known, leading later to greats such as this years Beyond: Two Souls.

3. Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Metal Gear Solid was one the first stealth games ever released. Released solely on the PS1, the developers used the best technology available to bring us the amazing story of Snake on his quest to save the United States from nuclear destruction.

2. Wolfenstein 3D (1992)

Wolfenstein was the game that defined WW II shooters and the FPS genre in gaming. All of the FPS games that followed Wolfenstein 3D used mechanics and graphics engines that were similar, almost identical even. The WW II game craze that followed Wolfenstein still hasn’t died out. PC gaming is now mostly FPS based thanks to Wolfenstein 3D’s innovations on early home computers in 1992.

1. Bioshock (2007)

Bioshock was by far the best game of 2007- b. The undersea utopia of Rapture was brought to life by amazing story and the best graphics 2007 had to offer. Brutal and gritty, Bioshock is a great combination of story and action. Your choices during the game effect the ending, and the flood emotions you feel as your 12 hour trek of horror is over. Bioshock makes the player feel like no other game does.