Pinterest prevents productivity

Pinterest prevents productivity

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor-in-chief

It is 2:12 a.m. on a Tuesday night. All of my homework is completed. Most of my friends are asleep. My whole house is dark and quiet. The conditions are perfect for a sound night of sleep, however I am wide awake.

I’m not texting my non-existent boyfriend or watching a Friends marathon on TV or even writing in my diary. No, I’m on Pinterest.

It’s an addiction that’s sweeping the nation; women of all ages. From grandmas to housewives to high school nerds, pinning is the thing to do.

I pin absolutely everything. From recipes to pictures of cute puppies, I’m all over it. There are 32 categories of pins to look though, also a search bar and the opinion to pin your own thing. The opportunities are really endless.

I have proudly pinned more than 1675 things onto 40 different boards. More than 300 of those pins have been to my ‘baking’ board and a solid 100 of them have been to my ‘sewing’ board. These and my arts and crafts board kept me busy all summer. I may look like a 16 year old girl on the outside, but in my heart I am 80 years old and own seven cats.

Some other categories of my pinning include: cooking, organization, my dream wedding, workouts, a holiday board, my pinterest closet and Texas A&M football (gig ’em).

The ‘my Pinterest closet’ board is like the popular shopping website Wanelo. Fortunately, less than often the actual link to buy things is absent from Pinterest, unlike Wanelo which leads you directly to a site. This is fortunate because if I could buy more things I see on Pinterest, I would spend everything I have without ever leaving the house.

Though I pin often, I have a following base of only 14. One of which is my mom.  Most of my followers are people I know from dance or school, but I do have a few random senior citizens. However, even they are on Pinterest less often than I.

Between Pinterest, Netflix and school, I honestly don’t know how I have time for a social life. Or even time to catch up on sleep. However, I do know being obsessed with Pinterest is a sacred way of life. I should probably go to sleep now. Sweet dreams.