Popular teacher returns


Julia Vastano

After a year of doing research at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, chemistry teacher Jason Taylor is back in the classroom.

Julia Vastano, Assistant Editor

A familiar face is back on campus this school year. Chemistry teacher Jason Taylor has come out of retirement and is again teaching.

“I took a year at U of L in Lafayette as a research scientist,” Taylor said. “I was working on anaerobic digestion in novel waste.”

With his time spent back on a college campus, Taylor picked up on new methods and techniques that he can apply to the high school classroom.

“I learned really the skills students need to learn for college and engineering,” Taylor said. “I want to help the student’s education to help them prepare for engineering in college, and possible engineering careers.”

Many of his students appreciate what he has brought to the classroom. They often times find him a relatable and reliable teacher.

“He is really conversational,” AP Chemistry student Brady Johnson said. “Like, I really like the Taylor analogy.  He just always adds an analogy to everything, which makes it easier to learn. In most discussions he just puts an analogy in which is a really neat teaching approach.”

Others find his sense of humor an enjoyable thing to have on campus.

“His jokes are really intuitive and can make the class really interesting,” sophomore Alec Arbabi said.

However, after nine years of teaching, Taylor posses a quality that most students search for in teachers: fairness.

“He is a really great teacher,” sophomore Austin Tedman said. “He is really good at engaging students, and does not pick favorites. Plus, he is a very fair grader.”

He is excited for what the year has to offer and is glad he is back.

“I am glad to be back,” Taylor said.

Students alike share in this enthusiasm.

“I am so glad that Mr. Taylor is back and is able to teach chemistry,” sophomore Jost Lubbe said. “He is a wonderful teacher.”