New security measure installed


Michael Berman

Students entering and leaving the school can now be more closely monitored.

Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

Students who use the doors in the commons to enter the school might have noticed a new security feature added recently. To unlock the door, students used to simply push a button, state their name, and wait for the receptionist to unlock the door.  However, the district has decided to increase security around campus.

“It’s a district decision to put in new security devices,” Principal Gavan Goodrich said.  “From where she sits, Ms. Lloyd can’t see who she’s buzzing in. So we put a camera there so she can actually see who is at the door. It’s an upgrade in security.”

The new device features a camera, which, when angled correctly, will reveal the person’s identity to the receptionist in the office. As of right now, the camera only shows the buzzer’s waist area, but the school is working quickly to make the necessary adjustments.

“Whenever you put in new equipment, it takes awhile to get the bugs out,” Goodrich said.  “We are in the process right now of working with the company, and their consultant, and their technical people, to make it work perfectly.”

The district and company have decided that the best step is to replace the camera with a new one.

“Administration is getting a new camera, which is going to be higher, and it will be angled towards the door. That will be great, because I will be able to see them more,” receptionist Rhonda Lloyd said.

The heightened security is a comfort to many on campus, especially in the wake of all the terrorism and other attacks that have been wreaking havoc through the country recently.

“I’m glad the school is addressing the concerns of the nation, and that we live in a district which cares about it and takes it into account,” chemistry teacher Jennifer Leary said.