Bonnie Ruth’s offers quaint French cuisine

Michelle Stoddart, Staff Reporter

Nestled in the quaint shopping center in Watter’s Creek, Bonnie Ruth’s is a small, French restaurant serving delicious meals. The restaurant’s atmosphere is quaint, with mood lighting and furniture that looks like it came from France itself.

The black Angus sirloin covered with Bearnaise sauce is a delectable entree. A juicy black angus served with french fries, it is the perfect entree, even if the portion size is a bit too large for many diners.

Another tasty offering is the margherita pizza.  Covered in cheese and chopped tomatoes, it is a delicious, yet also very large portion.

On the lighter side is the field of green salad. The lightly dressed mix of green is perfect as an appetizer split among a few or as a meal in itself. It has a sprinkling of cheese and vegetables that complement quite well.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was quiet and calm, with nice mood lighting. The service was very good, every time a drink was low, a waiter would magically appear to refill it. It is however, a little expensive for the high school budget, however for a fancy date night or a nice dinner with the family, it’s the perfect option.

The best thing about Bonnie Ruth’s is the beautiful atmosphere, and the food is really quite delectable.  And for after dinner, there is a little bake shop run by the restaurant offering delectable pastries and desserts.