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The Outliers find chemistry together


Forming bands is a big thing to do in high school and The Outliers are one of the latest to join the trend.

Working together throughout the summer for charity concerts, Arjun Srivastava and Kaden Vannorsdel created a musical chemistry and The Outliers were born.

“We played at the benefit concert together,” Vannorsdel said.  “AJ asked me to play a song by myself and it turned into four songs together.”

Sharing the same style and tastes these two students had chemistry from the beginning.

“After meeting for the concert, we hit it off,” Srivastava said. “We both have similar writing styles and tastes in music which help build our chemistry.”

After realizing what chemistry these two students had, they talked about writing more music together.
“We decided we would start writing more the day before the benefit concert,” Vannorsdel said. “It started off as a joke but then as we started to hang out, it really took off. We started to write our first song, Tango.”

As soon as they recorded Tango and performed it at the concert, the two artists went back to the studio because they understood what was happening.  Soon the two had written more singles and had realized that their dreams were coming true.

“I’ve always had a passion for music and wanted to share this with others. My dream was to make an album but I never had the mindset or confidence to see it through,” Srivastava said. “Meeting Kaden changed this. He helped me realize my potential and together we began creating quality music.

Having a few singles was one step, but creating a name was another step.

“An outlier is something that’s unique and different from the norm,”  Srivastava said. “That is exactly how we would describe our sound.”

Their first album will have 12 songs and will be released on January 1 for $10.

“We are really hoping for New Year’s Eve or day,” Vannorsdel said. “It all depends on the recording process which we’re very excited for.”

Although the album is set to release soon, the band will be facing some difficulties as Vannorsdel is moving to California.

“Well we are going to continue the band and send each other demos to work on,” Vannorsdel said. “Then this summer we’ll release album number two.”

The band maybe missing a member, but their fans will still continue to support them.

“I have been a friend of both for quite some time,” senior Kyle Berger said. “Even though he will be moving, I will continue to listen to their songs and hope they can produce more. Kaden and Arjun are not looking that far into the future; they are focusing on the present.”

Whether it’s the here and now or in the future, The Outliers have one simple goal.

“We really love our music and want to share it with the world,” Srivastava said.

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  • AnonymousJan 7, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    I think this is awesome. I have always wanted to do the same too. I think I will now 🙂