Schedule change tries to bring more pep to school spirit

Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

A new pep-rally schedule is in place this school year; instead of at the end of the day as in years past, pep rallies are now in the morning during first period.  This new schedule has caused some controversy on campus, as everyone has mixed feelings.

“I don’t really like it because I’m just so used to it being at the end of school and it’s so much easier to have it at the end of school because everyone’s like excited and ready to go home,” junior Brooke Poe said.

Some students are concerned that the gym will be vacant on pep-rally mornings.

“I think it should be in the afternoon because now everybody will skip and sleep in,” sophomore Alex Helsley said.

It also has an affect on those performing in the rally.

“I don’t like it because I have to get up earlier for band,” sophomore Nathan Coffey said.
However, a negative feeling is not unanimous around the school. Some of the students are looking forward to the energy that a pep rally day will start off with.

“I’m really excited for pep rallies in the morning because I think it’s gonna pump everybody up for school and we’re gonna start the day off with a bunch of school spirit and be really excited for the game that night,” said senior Corri Hughes.

Other students think that pep rallies will be more heavily attended than they have been in previous years, due to their first-period time slot.

“I really like it so that way people show up more than just leaving school,” said senior Egan Dobson.