The Vow falls short of promise

The Vow falls short of promise

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

Love for eternity, trust within each other, and faith that everything will work out; The Vow hit theatres Friday February 10th. People were buzzing around for months in anticipation for this movie starring Rachel McAdams as Paige Collins and Channing Tatum and Leo Collins. The movie came out and many people left with mixed reactions.

The story line consists of Paige and Leo’s love life before and the brief period of time after their marriage. Only shortly after their marriage, Leo and Paige were in a car crash in which Paige completely lost her memory of anything involving Leo. She ends up remembering everything up until the day she met Leo. The movie continues on and shows how Leo attempts to reconstruct Paige’s memory of them together.

But this based on a true event story may disappoint some moviegoers because it does not have the “happy-fairytale ending” people are used to watching. In fact, this movie was actually a sit-on-the-edge of your seat and throw popcorn at the enormous screen type of movie. It followed the reality of what did happen and unfortunately people didn’t want to see that, but wanted to see it all better in the end.

In the end, The Vow left many surprised with mixed emotions and definitely gave the moviegoers a little splash of reality. But for the most part, The Vow is a movie that people clearly wanted to see- its opening weekend brought in $41.7 million dollars, making it first at the box office.