Graduate Profile day draws mixed reactions

Adam Schasel, Staff Reporter

This Wednesday students will not be attending their normal classes, and will instead devote the entire school day to a programming day featuring activities based upon the Graduate Profile.

“We’re linking each grade level’s programming to one of the pillars of the Graduate Profile,” assistant principal Kristen Kinnard said. “Freshmen will be working throughout the year on activities coinciding with being fair and respectful, sophomores with being engaged in a healthy lifestyle, juniors, well-rounded, and seniors will be working with the community service aspect.”

These pillars of the Graduate Profile are going to be linked with each grade, and every class will be able to perform activities on each pillar as they progress through their high school careers.

Students aren’t as enthusiastic.

“It can be useful or a very big waste of time; it depends on how you use the day,” sophomore Krista Reyna said.

Many students are concerned that the day will be a repeat of last year’s Big Event, which, because of a lack of funds, did not have enough activites for all students. Reyna is confident that the programming day won’t be as unproductive as the Big Event.

“I don’t think you can waste as much time as we did at the Big Event,” she said.

Administration is confident that students will be given a new understanding of the Graduate Profile and how it works.