School Town goes full time

Carly Parkinson, Staff Reporter

Introduced on a trial basis during the 2010-2011 school year, School Town is now a full time endeavor here on campus. An online educational resourse, School Town is advertised as making it “easier to teach and learn.”

It does so by providing students with a virtual classroom.  From class chat sessions to homework handouts, School Town allows teachers to extend the learning environment beyond traditional classroom walls.

Introduced to the high school last year, School Town became mandatory for teachers of core classes as a way to post assignments, announcements, discussions, and files, while providing an outlet to contact students outside the classroom.  For parents it is a mechanism to monitor what is happening in class and what should be happening outside.

Free to parents, students and teachers, School Town boasts it is ”a 21st Century Student Learning Environment”.  For more information visit