Changes come to campus

Adam Schasel, Staff Reporter

The theme of change is prevalent across the campus as new changes come to bundled with the start of the school year.

Among the more noticeable changes to the high school are the removal of A and B days. When asked about the change, principal Gavan Goodrich said most teachers preferred seeing their students every day instead of very other day. After listening to feedback, Goodrich decided to scrap the A/B day schedule.

The removal of A and B days started a chain reaction of changes across the school. The length of the lunch period needed to be reduced from two hours to ninety minutes, leaving room for only three lunches. Additionally, five minutes were added both to the beginning and end of the school day to accommodate passing periods between lunches.

Included in the changes to the high school is the installation of security cameras in every hallway. “These cameras,” Goodrich explained, “will provide another layer of safety… to monitor who enters and leaves certain parts of the building at certain times.”