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Leopard Look: Cole Bennett

'I want to study finance and eventually go into commercial real estate.'

Brooks Lescher, Staff Reporter

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Senior Cole Bennett has been involved in tennis and choir since freshman year and he attends FCA every week.

At glance:

Favorite food: Vegetables

Basketball or wiffle ball: Wiffle ball

Favorite movie scene: When Nemo touched the butt

Nail biter or nail clipper: Clipper

Looking deeper:

The Red Ledger: What are you involved in?

Cole Bennett: I am on the varsity tennis team and have been since freshman year. I also attend FCA every week and am in Choir.

TRL: How did you start playing tennis?

CB: In middle school I wanted to play another sport besides basketball and football for the spring season that wasn’t track so I picked up tennis and ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. I dropped football and basketball after my sophomore year to play tennis.

TRL: What do you plan on doing after high school?

CB: I will be attending A&M university, and I will continue to play tennis recreationally. I want to study finance and eventually go into commercial real estate. I will also try to make money by giving tennis lessons in College Station to kids.

TRL: Why did you choose A&M?

CB: Because it is a well respected school, and my mom went there. I love the traditions and the rep I will have when applying for jobs as a graduate of A&M. I also like the numerous connections the school offers as well as the high prestige of the business school.

TRL: How do you like your senior year?

CB: So far it is my favorite year that I’ve had here, I have a good group of friends here and I am the 1 seed on the tennis team. I wish that we had senior exemptions so that I wouldn’t have to be at school all day, especially that I’m already accepted to college though.

TRL: How does your senior year of high school compare to previous years?

CB: It’s a lot more relaxed because I have a lot of off periods due to dual credit. My parents finally let the reins loose in letting me do what I wish as long as I consume a proper amount of vegetables on a daily basis.

TRL: Can you explain the process of growing cucumbers?
CB: Growing up I consumed so many vegetables that I wanted to grow my own to ensure that they are organic. So I bought some seeds, a cute pot, and planted away. All of my cucumbers are a beautiful tint of green and taste magically delicious. My mom says that if I continue to eat them every day, I will live longer than Moses.


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One Response to “Leopard Look: Cole Bennett”

  1. Mitch Doran on March 3rd, 2016 12:34 am

    Cole was not at FCA two weeks ago. Besides that good profile. Interesting addition about the cucumbers, who would’ve guessed!


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Leopard Look: Cole Bennett