Featured Athlete: Aakash Malvankar


Eloise Friloux

Sophomore Aakash Malvankar poses and talks about his volleyball career. Malvankar discusses his goals for volleyball in the future and what he wants to accomplish.

Sophomore Aakash Malvankar is entering his third year as a men’s volleyball player. Malvankar participated in this year’s powderpuff football season. 

Pre Game: 

Pre-game meal: Empty stomach 

Athlete I look up to: Micah Maʻa

Favorite song: “Fire Squad” by J. Cole 

Favorite candy: Gummy worms  

Post Game: 

The Red Ledger: How long have you been playing volleyball? 

Aakash Malvankar: This is going to be my third year. 

TRL: What is your favorite thing about this sport?  

AM: Probably not the actual pressure of performing, but the pressure of being on the field and getting to play against some really good people.

TRL: In what ways has volleyball impacted your life? 

AM: It’s opened my life to new college opportunities. I mean I wasn’t planning on going to college for volleyball, but now I am. 

TRL: What was it like to participate in powder puff? 

AM: It was pretty cool getting to play because last year we had freshmen and juniors I think playing sophomores and seniors. So now we were playing freshman and sophomores against juniors, so it was pretty cool to play against the people I played with last year. 

TRL: How do you balance playing volleyball with your other responsibilities? 

AM: It’s hard cause the team I play for is in Huston now, so I got to travel to and from Huston every weekend. I think homework is the hardest part, but mostly it’s just having to multitask like being in the car and reading or something like that. 

TRL: What are some challenges you have faced in your career? 

AM: I’m pretty short for a volleyball player 5’10 compared to my other teammates that have national team invites, that are like 6’2, 6’3. 

TRL: What do you hope to accomplish in the future? 

AM: I’d like to get a D1 scholarship, if not a D2 school that is well enough or even a D3 school. 

TRL: What are some things you have accomplished in your career? 

AM: I have acquired a couple verbal offers, and I have an official offer from a school in Indianapolis. 

TRL: Was there ever a time when you didn’t enjoy volleyball or wanted to quit?

AM: Yeah, actually it was like this summer our team kinda broke apart to  different places, and I was questioning if I should even play this year or take a training year, but I found a team.